The TOP Hotels to stay in PeruThe TOP Hotels to stay in Peru

The TOP Hotels to stay in Peru

What are the best hotels to stay in according to your stopovers in Peru?

This list offers you a variety of hotels that are out of the ordinary, either because of a particular advantage, or because of their excellent value for money, or because of their special location? They are not the only best hotels in terms of luxury, or price, but they are also the slightly special hotels that we like to offer you, all categories included.

Where to stay in Lima? The Second home

As a "second home" indeed, one feels good at the Second Home in Lima. It is in fact the personal home of the owner, Victor Delfín, a Lima artist well known to Peruvians for being the author of the statue of the kiss that you will surely see if you walk along the Pacific Ocean on the outskirts of the Miraflores neighborhood.

Beyond the intimate character of this establishment, with only 8 rooms, Le Second Home attracts attention for its incredible location: right in front of the Pacific Ocean! With a large garden, you can enjoy this incredible view until you admire a sunset from your bedroom window.

It is located in the Barranco district, a colonial, bohemian and fashionable area of Lima. You are therefore just a few steps away from the suitor's bridge and an excellent viewpoint.

This hotel is also, due to its owner, an art gallery: every available corner is a pretext for the exhibition of a painting or a sculpture.

In a quiet area, by the swimming pool and without a crowd of passengers around you, the Second Home offers you all the comfort you could wish for: the rooms are modern and bright and the value for money is excellent.

But beware, very much in demand and of small capacity, it is imperative to book well in advance!

We particularly recommend this hotel at the end of your stay, for your last night in Lima, in order to rest from your Peruvian adventure in the best conditions.

 Where to sleep towards Paracas and Ica? The Viñas Queirolo

In the surroundings of Ica, not far from Paracas, on the Pacific coast south of Lima, come and discover this magnificent Hacienda in the heart of the Peruvian vineyards.

Apart from the traditional categorizations, this high-end residence offers more than great comfort: it is a real cellar, producing among others the famous Pisco, the Peruvian national drink. In fact, you will enjoy a landscape out of the ordinary: you are immersed in the heart of a wine estate in the middle of the desert.

The opportunity to discover the wine culture of South America and to taste the national alcohols.

Outside the site itself, the hotel offers high quality services in a colonial hacienda setting. Communes, rooms, restaurant service, everything is of the highest standard.

The plus: The swimming pool! In this desert region you will surely enjoy it.

Where to sleep in Arequipa? The Katari

The Katari is without a doubt one of the best hotels in Arequipa in terms of value for money.

Located in the heart of the city, directly on the Place d'Armes, this hotel flirts with luxury in a beautiful colonial complex with cut stones, under the arcades of the square, and perfectly maintained.

Its strength: a terrace that gives you a unique view of the central square of Arequipa.

The very high quality service is an excellent compromise without going into the very high end.

Where to sleep in the Cañon de colca? The Colca lodge

We love to offer the Colca Lodge which, among our nuggets, is probably our favorite!

Ideally located at the entrance of the Cañon de Colca, it has a large domain in a totally Andean landscape. The rooms, spacious and pleasant, are actually small individual houses, hence the name of the lodge. The architectural ensemble keeps a simple style and fits perfectly with the natural scenery of the Cañon.

But what makes the value of this residence is that the Colca Lodge has its own thermal baths perfectly maintained and reserved for the residents of the hotel. A golden opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the warm waters of the Andes Cordillera, in an intimate way and avoiding crowds.

Highly recommended during your stay in the Colca Canyon!

Where to sleep on Lake Titicaca? 

The Uros Islands

For some years now, it has been possible to spend a night on one of the floating Uros islands.

You'll be welcomed by a family who owns a few rooms, usually two or three. You'll share a traditional meal.

In a rustic but comfortable room, you fall asleep under a starry sky, lulled by the gentle murmur of the water. In the morning, you discover the peaceful beauty of the lake at sunrise, before exploring further and learning more about the local culture.

An unforgettable experience that connects you deeply with nature and life on Lake Titicaca.

Titilaka Lodge

By far the best option for discovering Lake Titicaca.

What does luxury mean to you? At Titilaka, the answer is simple...

There's no luxury here in the traditional sense of the word: no gilding, no perfectly restored old colonial buildings.

The luxury here is having your own peninsula! The hotel is located around 30 minutes' drive from Puno, on the edge of the lake, in an unspoilt setting. There are no neighbors here. Only Andean nature surrounds you. You'll enjoy a privileged moment to take in this unique site. And that's what luxury is all about.

The hotel is simple and charming, in the style of a large country house. Every detail has been taken care of, and the quality of comfort and catering is beyond reproach. All in the spirit of an ecolodge, respectful of its environment.

This is what we call a destination hotel, perfect for your stay on the lake.

Where to sleep in Cusco?

The Encatada

Charming small hotel on the heights of the District San Blas in Cusco, we like to propose it to our passengers at the time of their passage in the capital of the Incas.

Charming and elegant it has a garden-terrace from which the majestic city of Cusco is revealed below.

A very good service, in a typical district, with two steps of the hyper center and with an incredible sight of Cusco: in short the perfect foot on the ground in a range of quite reasonable prices.

The hotel also has a small SPA for lovers of relaxation and well-being.

But you have to climb to get there! The Encantada is located on the Colina de San Blas. To have such a view from the hotel is worth the price of some urban stairs as there are so many in Cusco.

The Selina

The Selina is typical of the new "Smart hotel" style accommodations, ideal for the Y generation and for "digital nomads".

Very well placed on the Place d'Armes de Cusco, the Selina offers rooms with simple comfort but with a worked style.

The interest of this type of accommodation lies especially in the common living spaces. The Selina specializes in offering ultra-connected coworking areas and recreational services in the heart of the city.

It is therefore an original hotel proposal for groups of friends or travelers who need to stay connected to their activities between two visits to archaeological sites.

 Where to sleep in the Sacred Valley? The Aranwa

In the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, on the road that connects Cusco and Machu Picchu, L'Aranwa flirts with luxury by offering great comfort and wide spaces.

Beyond the quality of the rooms, vast, spacious and luminous, this residence offers large common spaces, outside as well as inside, all in an architecture with the look of a small village perfectly integrated in the Andean decor of the valley.

The hotel especially has one of the best SPA of the region: come and relax in front of a bay window overlooking the millenary and sacred mountains of Peru!

For the rest: swimming pool, restaurants, excursions...... L'Aranwa will know how to satisfy your needs in the discovery of this particular site, ancient road of the Incas.

Where to sleep in Machu Picchu? The Inkaterra

Luxury where you least expect it, that's why we love the Inkaterra chain.

At the foot of Machu Picchu, in the village of Aguas Calientes, which, let us be frank, does not have great interest in itself, this lodging isolates you and plunges you in the equatorial atmosphere of the site, away from the tourist crowds of the village and its atmosphere a bit mercantile.

Like all the hotels of the brand, the comfort and the quality of the services are worthy of the greatest hotels.

But it is especially its park that makes it a choice apart in Aguas Calientes. The hotel is located away from the village, in a vast property covered with this tropical forest, this "high forest", introduction to the Amazon.

Obviously, the prices are out of the ordinary given the quality of the service. But for those who are looking for an exceptional night, just one during their stay, they will find here an excellent option. And, icing on the cake, this perfect night is followed by the visit of Machu Picchu the next day!

Where to sleep in Amazonia (Puerto Maldonado)? The Corto Maltes

Our favorite lodge to make you discover the Amazon on the side of Puerto Maldonado.

A superb infrastructure composed of individual lodges in the pure Amazonian style and scattered among the trees of the domain.

All is organized around the swimming pool, a real plus in this region with a hot and humid climate. Ideal to recover from your day's hike in the thick Amazonian jungle!

Beyond the quality of the accommodations, it is the whole service that makes it an excellent choice. Like all the lodges in the region, you are fully taken care of and it is the lodge staff that makes you discover the fauna and flora of the Amazon. The proposed program and the professionalism of the guides are always appreciated by the lucky ones who go there.

All this for an unbeatable value for money.

Bonus: Hotel B in Lima.

By far the best hotel in Lima and undoubtedly in Peru: out of categories and without comparison.

In the district of Barranco, the "B" is at the same time a luxury hotel and a museum.

In addition to the classics of the luxury hotel genre and all the associated services that are all present, the decoration is extremely meticulous: a general vintage look, worthy of the decor of the Roaring Twenties in Europe with touches of modernity created by the numerous works of art exhibited everywhere.

Of course, the staff, ultra-qualified and with great care, will be able to satisfy the slightest of your desires, sometimes even without your having to ask for it.

The list of "B"'s assets is therefore long.... Nevertheless, let's mention the very high quality of its breakfasts and its perfect location in a pleasant and quiet area, perfect for walks along the Pacific Ocean or in the lively and bohemian streets of Barranco.

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