Why travel with us?

Why travel with us?

 In a word, because we are a local agency. This means that we live in the countries you are going to visit and that we know them perfectly.

Here is in detail what Antipode guarantees you as a local travel agency. 

Local advisers listening to you (even during your trip)

All members of our agency live on the spot or in the country you will visit. We live this reality daily and we are the best placed to advice you. Advices on the most relevant destination according to your particular case but also the best restaurants, last-minute cultural appointments… What is the best advice about a country if it’s not from the one who live in this country?  It is even possible, during your stay, to make for you some reservations.
We are convinced that communication is the success key to prepare a trip. In case of need, during the trip, you can contact us at any time though local telephone operator, at local rate.
To apply for our adviser recall, you just have nous contact us by email and indicate your number phone with indications (date, hour, etc…) and we will recall you. SKYPE is also part of our communication tools.

Guides…  true ones!

Travelling forge a soul and human meeting that is in the heart of it; this is on this principal that we base us. As a consequent, the guides we choose are selected with care. Guides with who we work are all local persons who have a thin knowledge and comprehension of their environment and culture. Everyone has a guide formation, which is an obligation and have the responsibility of your entire satisfaction during your stay. The unplanned problems have to be planned.

As a local travel agency in Peru, Bolivia and Chile, we are able to offer you the best accompaniments.

Meetings… go toward the other

Our conception of travel is not limited to admire beautiful landscapes or visit tourist sites; we are convinced that the most magic part of a trip stay in the encounter with locals, in the exchange with another culture and other traditions.
We always try to highlight the meeting with the artisan you are buying a tissue or the resident of the community you are visiting. For this purpose, some of our trips include passages more or less long in communities and in the inhabitant houses; that means vivencial tourism.

Trips really personals

To satisfice needs and necessity of everyone, we elaborate a long list of trips and options, all the combinations are possible, to follow your desires and your budget. You just have to ask. It exists the possibility of elaborate a trip step by step according to a particular subject or an urge desire.

We are the one who produce and organize your trip

There is no intermediary who takes action in the trips proposed by Antipode. We have the entire control on all the options and trips we propose. That's the advantage of working with a local travel agency!

In case of problem we are here!

Because we are directly implanted in the country, the answer to a potential problem of last minute (strike, accident, illness) can be done in record time.
We have an unlimited availability thanks to a phone number 24/24h where you can join us at any moment.

Partnerships with actors of the local tourism

Because we are present in the country, our collaboration with institutions that offer their services (hotels, airlines, train companies…) is direct, continue and close.

A road-book before your trip

A complete Road Book is sent to you before your departure. This Road Book summarises the essence of your trip: descriptions of the excursions, precise times of your trips, flight booking numbers, names of hotels and all practical and useful information for the preparation of the trip.

It is THE document that accompanies you during your trip. We have designed it to be as complete and legible as possible to facilitate the smooth running of your organisation.


We process your request quickly, between 24 and 48 hours (working days), depending on the complexity of your travel project.

As soon as we receive your request, we give priority to a first call, very quickly, to take stock of your project. Following this call, you will receive a first detailed quote based on our discussion.

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