Puerto MaldonadoPuerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado

In the southern part of the Amazon, connected to Cusco by a brand new concrete road (now safer, more comfortable and much faster), Puerto Maldonado is the third largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. It is a large town caught between the apathy due to the suffocating humid heat and the frenetic activity of a city with intense economic activity. Indeed, the discovery of gold ores, the exploitation of resources such as gas or oil or even wood, the cultivation of rubber, etc., considerably boost the local economy. On the other hand, access to the Brazilian border continuing to the north-east, and the construction of the inter-oceanic highway, has considerably boosted international trade in this area. And of course, tourism, with the proximity of the Manu Natural Park, one of the largest, best preserved and most accessible in the country. The infrastructure, from the most humble to the most luxurious, is growing like mushrooms. Puerto Maldonado is therefore undoubtedly an excellent base for exploring the Amazon, with all comfort and safety.

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