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Antipode, local travel agency in Peru

Antipode is a local English-speaking travel agency based in Cusco specialist in the organisation of tailor-made tours. Our consultants have a thorough knowledge of Peru and are available to work with you to design your stay according to an itinerary specially tailored to your desires.

From the coastal desert to the Amazon and the high Andean peaks, Peru is a destination rich in culture, history, landscapes and natural ecosystems that are just waiting for you! Give free rein to your desires for escape and come and live an authentic experience through a completely personalized tour.

Why come to Peru?

Exceptional cultural and natural wealth

Peru is a dream destination for all travellers. Lovers of the great outdoors, history enthusiasts, lovers of authentic encounters or admirers of animals, all will find in the discovery of Peru something to satisfy their curiosity and their need for a change of scenery.
Let go and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Peru.

Why travel with Antipode?

Because we are a local travel agency, we guarantee you : 

- a knowledge of local realities
- no intermediaries between you and us
- 24/7 support

We are physically present on site. 

Our advisors all live in Peru and have travelled the country from the most traditional to the most confidential. We are therefore in a position to offer you what you are looking for by providing you with the best advice.

We are specialists in tailor-made trips.

Active since 2006, we have developed an expertise in the conception of tourist services in Peru, which we know perfectly well. We can thus offer you all the guarantees in terms of security so that your stay takes place in the best conditions.

We assist you throughout your stay.

We are in contact with you throughout your stay, we follow you day after day and we meet you personally when you arrive in Cusco.

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