Vivencial tourism in Peru

Vivencial tourism in Peru

What is the “Vivencial” tourism? From where comes from the word Vivencial?

The word “vivencial” is a creation of our agency and comes from the same Spanish word we can conciliate with the word « experimental »; live experiences.

We propose options of “vivencial” tourism in order to live closer the everyday life of residents of the Andean regions. These options allow to share the daily life but also, according to the regions, participate to agricultural activities, share a traditional meal or share handicraft fabrication secrets.
Comfort is simple. The rooms are only with single beds, from 2 to 4 beds in each room. Toilets are always outside, with cold running water. There is no heating but warm blankets are given.
A great capacity of adaptation and some basic Spanish words are necessary to participate to these activities. It is also possible to plan some gifts for the foster families; school material for children, hygiene products, food…
Vivencial tourism in Peru Vivencial tourism in Peru
The main regions (non-exhaustive list) where we propose those activities are:


Colca Canyon
3 days and 2 nights to share a family life in the village of Coporaque, in the heart of Colca Canyon. Planned: share meals with the family, field labors and initiation to weaving.   

Titicaca Lake:

Llachon and the peninsula of Capachica
Located on the peninsula of Capachica, in the village of Llachon, there is one of the first doing community tourism in the region. Planned; walks around the peninsula, fishing in traditional boat, visit of Titinos islands (islands made of traditional reeds, much less busy than Uros Island in Puno’s bay) and possibility of sea kayaking.

Amantani Island

The simplest way to accede to community tourism.
Planned interchange with families and visit of the island (with a guide).

Region of Cusco:

Our crush for community tourism. Located on the top of the Sacred Valley between Cusco and Pisac, the village of Patabamba offers numerous activities; trekking, night with local people, weaving… We propose here an option allowing to everyone spend a day in the heart of the Andes, without the discomfort of a night in a local house. Plan of this day, traditional meal of Pachamanca, gathering of medicinal plants of the region, initiation to the weaving process from the gathering of plants serving to the coloration until the weaving strictly speaking, going through shearing animal.
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