Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

In Peru, like in other places, mass tourism feeds serious and undesirable impacts, among others, climate changes, economic dependence and cultural modifications. That’s why the Travel Agency Antipode, present since many years on the spot, makes a point of participate to social networking in alternative and responsible tourisms.

This is also its main role as creator of experiences that Antipode must; allow to its travelers of the entire world discover new perspectives and new cultures in the country where it operates.

Those fundamental principles Antipodes has force to reflect deeper about the challenge that represents the development of a respectful activity for Earth and for Humans, in order to make an efficient channel of sustainable development in the region. .

Responsible Tourism

The trips we propose in Peru and in Bolivia have to be registered, necessarily, as part of the responsibility.
We know it, tourism can impact on a positive way a region only when it is practiced with an open eye and a critique sense. At the contrary, the impact can be very negative if it is conceived without any knowledge or conscience of the environment. This is why all the travels proposed has been studied carefully under every aspects in order to propose you combinations respectful of the environment and component cultural and human in the regions you could visit.

Respect of local populations

Contact with Andean people is constant during the travels we propose like for example the personal who is with you during the trekking, the holders, the cookers, and the “arrieros” and obviously the inhabitants of the villages we have to cross. The payment of this local personal is clearly in a spirit of equity and justice. The interchange with Andean inhabitants is so constant, either with the team with you or with peoples met on the way.
In order to make easier this meeting, Antipode includes several families living in isolated villages by proposing them to participate at some traveler activities. For example, it is possible to organize traditional meals like the Peruvian Pachamanca. So this is the occasion for the travelers to interchange with locals. Also, weaving workshop are proposed, in which you can learn more about the ancestral practices, and the locals have the possibility to sell you artisanal products, directly from the producer to the buyer, without any intermediary.

Fauna and flora respect

The ecological balance in the Andean region is a true area of concern for Antipode, the rules applied for the preservation of the environment are strict. The observation of fauna is discreet, the gathering of vegetal is forbidden, the cooking is made with gas to avoid gathering wood and so to preserve forest… The golden rule is; never leave nothing behind us.

Antipode, pioneer of « vivancial » or community tourism

This kind of stay would probably be the most impressive, to be welcomed in a local family during a few days and share with us their daily life.
This is an unparalleled opportunity to really open a window of exchange between our two worlds, our believes, our realities; this is the height of cultural exchange. It’s for this reason that Antipode developed and strongly encouraged this type of trip in the course of a travel. The immersion, direct and intercultural contact with peoples who live in the country you visit is very important. The nights we propose with the families and the activities of the people where you are living (often linked with the agricultural work), allow a contact with reality of the country which is more difficult with another way.

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