Where to stay in Amazonia (jungle) in Peru? Where to stay in Amazonia (jungle) in Peru?

Where to stay in Amazonia (jungle) in Peru?

In the collective imaginary, Peru is the Andean country par excellence, with its snowy peaks, lamas’ herds and Machu Picchu archaeological site. We use to forget that more than the half Peruvian territory is located in Amazonia, with a hot and humid climate and a tropical vegetation.

During your stay in Peru, you can do excursions in the Amazonian jungle very easily. However, we recommend those excursions for passengers who stay at a minimum 15 days on the Peruvian territory.

A stay in Amazonia is made in its majority in Lodges that propose excursions in the jungle every day.

A lodge in Amazonia is a kind of hotel more or less rustic, made of tree houses that integrate very well in the jungle. Visits are made walking on “Trochas”; little paths in the jungle and with a boat. The guide is a fauna and flora specialist of the region and know at the perfection his area.

The guide will make you discover the exuberant flora, medicinal plants and the circle of life in Amazonia. The observation of animals is also part of the program: insects, birds, monkeys…
You can, for example, contemplate “colpa de loros”, where hundreds of multicolor parrots arrive to peck a clay specific of their organisms.
It is less common to sea large mammals because there are very shies and less numerous.

It exists in Peru several areas which can accommodate easily travelers:
-    In the North in Iquitos
-    In the South in Puerto-Maldonado
-    Manu National Park (region of Cusco)
-    Tarapoto and Pacaya Samiria Park

Amazonia in Puerto-Maldonado region
Amazonia in Puerto Maldonado region has the huge advantage of being directly connected by regular airliners to the cities of Cusco and Lima.
There are several lodges with different categories and prices. Lodges are very comfortable and sometimes there is a swimming pool. There also are high-end lodges.
We recommend you to spend your stay in Puerto Maldonado at the end of your trip in order to rest after your journey in the Andes, but also to end your trip with a flight Puerto Maldonado – Lima which coast the same price as a flight for Cusco – Lima.  
Puerto Maldonado city is also linked to Cusco city by road but you have to count about 10 hours in bus line.
An example of a stay in Puerto Maldonado  

Amazonia in Iquitos region
Iquitos region has the advantage of being more salvage than Puerto Maldonado region, because there are less travelers. The placement facilities are much less comfortable than Puerto Maldonado. Fauna and flora are denser and animal observation is easier. Nevertheless, this region is one of the less accessible of Peru, there is no road to join Iquitos. You have to take a boat during several days from the foot of the Andes or going by plane, and only from Lima. If you also want to stay and discover the south of Peru with Cusco and Machu Picchu, you must return to Lima and take a plane to Iquitos, which has a strong influence on your budget. This option is more for travelers who have time and money. It is to notice that the only cruise ship high-end on the Peruvian Amazonia exists with departure in Iquitos.
An exemple of a stay in Iquitos

Amazonia in Manu National Park
Manu National Park is in the Amazonia region and have the biggest biodiversity. Lodges are very simples and the transport time from the city of Cusco is very long, the journey is tiring and on unpaved tracks and with boat. Sometimes, according to the season and the climate, it is possible to take small planes to return to Cusco.
This option, given its price (fairly high) and its geographical distance, is reserved to specialists with a high travel budget.
An exemple of a stay in Manu National Park

Amazonia in Tarapoto region
Region much more distant and with a difficult access, it is very little visited and reserved to fauna and flora specialists (speaking Spanish), in search of rare and endemic species.

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