How to travel by train in Peru?How to travel by train in Peru?

How to travel by train in Peru?

Trains in Peru

In the collective imaginary, Peru is the Andean country par excellence: take a train in the Andean Cordillera is an unforgettable experience, cross pass, winding road and wagon with obsolete esthetic in Pullman train of the 30s.
Several journeys are possible in trains with variable comfort, from the simplest to the most luxurious.

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What is the railway company between Lima and Huancayo?

Train between Lima and Huancayo
The line that joins Lima to the city of Huancayo, operated the company Ferrocarril Central Andino, is the second highest railway of the world, with a passage at 4781 meters.
Its edification in 1870 with more than 10 000 workers has been a real challenged initiated in the Andes, with the construction of 69 tunnels, 58 bridges and 6 zigzags.
Unfortunately, the rail company operating this route does not offer regular departures. If you are interested, please find out with your Antipode travel councilor to know the next departures.

Train between Huancayo and Huancavelica or « Tren macho »
This train join the cities of Huancayo and Huancavelica, with a tortuous course made of 38 tunnels and 15 bridges, also called “Tren Macho” because it started and arrived when it wanted.

What is the railway company between Cusco and Puno?

Train between Cusco and Puno
This sensational journey in train start from the beautiful city of Puno, on the shores of Titicaca Lake, before to arrive in the historical city of Cusco.
During the course, the train rises from Puno in zigzag, towards higher and coldest altitudes. The first part of the journey allow to see the phenomenal Andean Mountains that overhang deep valley with the winding river of Huatanay. Then, it cross the Andes rolling plains where it is possible to see vicuñas and alpacas. If you travel on the Andean Explorer, the panoramic wagon and its glass walls will allow you to fully admire the wonderful landscape. A touristic stop is made in La Raya, the most elevated site of the itinerary. The travel price include food on board.

Titicaca tren operates every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday throughout the year.

What are the main railway company for Machu Picchu and what are the different services and schedules of the train to Machu Picchu?

Machu-Picchu, located near to the Peruvian Amazonia on a rocky outcrop and in a much redeemed place, is not accessible by road. The only quick way to join Aguas-Calientes town (Machu Picchu pueblo) is by train. There are also other ways but you have to take endless hours of local bus and walking by Santa Maria and Santa Teresa villages.

With PERURAIL railway company
PERURAIL Railway Company belongs to the group Orient express and propose several levels of services to join Machu-Picchu.

Perurail « Expedition » service
This is the most basic service and the less expensive to join Machu-Picchu. It offers less view than the other services and the schedules are often late at night. It is often use by persons who are in trekking.

Perurail « Autowagon » service
Intermediary service, give a small snack during the journey and has better schedules than « Expedition » service. This service is not very busy.

Perurail «Vistadome» service
The remarkable wagons of this train are equipped with panoramic windows for an impregnable view and successful photos. Surrounded by glasses, passengers will have the impression of being part of this wonderful Peruvian landscape. In case of, hot drinks and refreshments will be proposed on board. This train departure is made from Poroy station (20 min from Cusco center), or Ollantaytambo (1h30 from Cusco).

Perurail « Hiram Bingham » service
This service is the most exclusive option to join Machu Picchu in a luxurious train. Considered by several travel magazines as the most refined travel in train, this is a real experience.
The service is compound by:
-    Brunch and diner on board.
-    Exclusive shuttle of round trip to the Machu Picchu citadel.
-    Entrance to Machu Picchu citadel.
-    Guided tour of the citadel.
-    Afternoon tea in the hotel MachuPicchu Sanctuary Lodge *****

Train schedules of Perurail Railway Company to join Machu-Picchu

Train between Cusco and Machu-Picchu

Schedule    Services      Train n°    Departure Station    Departure    Arrival         Arrival Station
Morning       Vistadome     31             Poroy - Cusco           06:40am      09:52am    Machu-Picchu
                     Expedition      33             Poroy - Cusco           07:42am      10:51am     Machu-Picchu
                     Vistadome      203          Poroy - Cusco            08:25am     12:11am     Machu-Picchu

Train between Machu-Picchu and Cusco

Schedules    Services                Train n°     Departure Station    Departure    Arrival       Arrival Station   

Afternoon      Vistadome              32              Machu-Picchu             3:20pm         7:05pm     Poroy - Cusco
                       Expedition               34              Machu-Picchu             4:43pm         8:23pm     Poroy - Cusco
                       Vistadome              604            Machu-Picchu             5:27pm         8:50pm     Poroy - Cusco
                       Hiram Bingham     12              Machu-Picchu             5:50pm         9:16pm     Poroy - Cusco

Train between the Sacred Valley and Machu-Picchu

Schedules    Services    Train n°    Departure Station    Departure    Arrival        Arrival Station

Morning         Expedition     71          Ollantaytambo             05:07am     06:34am    Machu-Picchu
                       Expedition     81           Ollantaytambo             06:10am     07:40am    Machu-Picchu
                       Vistadome    601         Urubamba                   06:50am     09:24am    Machu-Picchu
                       Vistadome    301        Ollantaytambo             07:05am      08:27am    Machu-Picchu
                       Vistadome    501        Ollantaytambo             08:53am      10:29am    Machu-Picchu
                       Vistadome    601        Ollantaytambo             08:00am      09:24am    Machu-Picchu
                      Expedition      83          Ollantaytambo             07:45am      09:15am    Machu-Picchu
                      Vistadome     203        Ollantaytambo             10:32am      12:11pm    Machu-Picchu

Afternoon    Expedition       73         Ollantaytambo             12:58pm      2:24pm      Machu-Picchu
                     Vistadome      303       Ollantaytambo             1:27pm        2:49pm      Machu-Picchu
                     Vistadome      603       Ollantaytambo             3:37pm        5:02pm      Machu-Picchu

Night           Expedition        75        Ollantaytambo             7:00pm       8:43pm       Machu-Picchu
                    Expedition         51        Ollantaytambo            9:00pm       10:50pm     Machu-Picchu

Train between Machu-Picchu and the Sacred Valley

Schedules    Services    Train n°    Departure Station    Departure    Arrival        Arrival Station
Morning         Expedition    50             Machu Picchu           05:35am      07:44am    Ollantaytambo
                        Expedition    72             Machu Picchu          08:53am      10:52am    Ollantaytambo
                        Vistadome    302          Machu Picchu          10:55am      12:32pm    Ollantaytambo

Afternoon       Vistadome    204          Machu Picchu          1:37pm         3:04pm      Ollantaytambo
                        Expedition    74             Machu Picchu           2:55pm        4:31pm      Ollantaytambo
                        Vistadome    304          Machu Picchu           3:48pm        5:29pm      Ollantaytambo
                        Vistadome    304          Machu Picchu           3:48pm        6:43pm      Urubamba
                        Vistadome    504          Machu Picchu           4:22pm        6:10pm      Ollantaytambo
                        Vistadome    604          Machu Picchu           5:27pm        6:56pm      Ollantaytambo
                        Vistadome    606          Machu Picchu           6:10pm        7:45pm      Ollantaytambo
                        Expedition      84            Machu Picchu           6:45pm        8:18pm      Ollantaytambo

Night             Expedition      76            Machu Picchu           9:30pm       11:01pm      Ollantaytambo

With Inca Rail company

This new railway company operate only between the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. It propose several schedules and several service levels.

«Servicio turista» train
The wagons have a capacity of 48 passengers and comfortable seats which have been especially created to assure the comfort of our passengers.
All seats are equipped with glass tables and have panoramic window to enjoy the landscapes beauty. In addition, wagons are equipped with conditioned air, anti-impact with protection against UV. During the journey, it is possible to choose among a variety of hot and cold drinks.

«Servicio ejecutivo» train
For those who appreciate the good taste, comfort and relaxation. Its padded seats, its big panoramic windows and the motivated personal will assure you an enriching journey. It will be also proposed a selection of biscuits, dried fruit and nuts of the region. You can hardly fail in tasting delicious chocolates homemade and a variety of hot and cold drinks.

«Servicio primera clase» train
This unique service is made for sophisticated travelers who appreciated comfort. At the arrival of your train, you will be welcome with a delicious welcome drink and a thin towel perfumed with natural essences to refresh yourself. During the journey, a gastronomic cuisine is served with relaxing background music and fresh flowers.

«Servicio presidencial» train
This exceptional service with only 8 seats per wagon is a luxurious service to enjoy all the gastronomic enchantment of Peru and its high-end services.

Charter and train or wagon privatization
For important groups, it is to notice that it is possible to privatize trains or wagons on every destination and every company.
Some lines non-inclusive to the public can be opened for charters like the lines between Puno and Arequipa and Mollendo (Peruvian Pacific coast).
Please get in touch with our travel councilors if this possibility is interesting you.

If you wish to travel by train to Peru, do not hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote:  Quotation request

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