Health and trip in PeruHealth and trip in Peru

Health and trip in Peru

Altitude sickness

The Soroche or Altitude Sickness is a syndrome that can be present during a trip in altitude. It regroups several symptoms that can manifest separately, like headaches, nausea, dry and irritating cough, emesis, insomnia, vertigo and general tiredness.
A travel in Peru need obviously transits to high altitudes but simple advices can prevent this inconvenience.
First, you have to take your time to acclimatize to the altitude, moreover before a trekking or a climb.
Avoid efforts while you are acclimatizing.
Keep frequently hydrated by means of water or infusions.
Avoid alcohol and cigarette during the acclimation.
You also can take Coca leaves infusions.

Do we have to get immunized before a trip in Peru?

Vaccines for a trip in Peru
Vaccination against yellow fever is obligatory in case of a transition in the Amazonian Jungle (which can be your case). However, it is recommended to check in this with your doctor and ask for the follow-up of current vaccinations.

Do we have to take an antimalarial treatment for a stay in Amazonia in Peru?
We can recommend you a preventive treatment against malaria, only for the days passed in Amazonia. There is no malaria in altitude.
In Puerto-Maldonado Region, there is barely malaria.

Medical kit of traveler in Peru

The passengers have to take all their usual treatments for the travel.
You also have to plan a sunscreen total screen and for Amazonia, a powerful repellent with 50% DET (it is better to buy it in the country of origin). For digestive problems (common during the trip), the traveler scan bring Imodium (loperamide), Interix or Flagyl (metronidazole) and Smecta.

For a complete medical kit, we recommend you to take the following articles:
- Sun control cream high protection (SPF 50) and labial stick
- Repellent (with 50% DET)
- Bandages and double skin (Compeed), with bandages
- Vitamin C or poly vitamins
- Antidiarrheal: Imodium
- Intestinal Antiseptic: Interix and Flagyl
- Analgesic: Aspirin, Paracetamol
- Anti-nausea: Primpéran, Cocculine
- Acetazolamida (altitudes elevadas) : Diamox o la alternativa natural Altivital, que encontrará in situ.
- Eye drops: Uveline or Antalyre
- Medication for throat: Locabiotal, Lysopaïne
- Betadine Ointment
- Anti-inflammatory Ointment
- Water treatment such as Micropur
- Personal medication

Finally, don't forget to take out good travel insurance.

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