What insurance for my trip?What insurance for my trip?

What insurance for my trip?

Traveling to Peru without adequate insurance is a risky gamble. If no legal obligation exists, medical and hospitalization costs can quickly reach exorbitant sums, not to mention unforeseen events such as medical repatriation. Requiring minimum health and repatriation insurance for our stays is not a simple formality, but an essential measure for the safety and peace of mind of participants.

Am I covered by my bank card insurance?

The travel insurance guarantees offered by bank cards may vary depending on the type of card and the card issuer. Bank cards generally include two types of guarantees:

Guarantees of assistance this is practical help, essential in an emergency situation. A real safety net in case of emergency: Practical and concrete help 24/7, covering medical costs, repatriation, early return and legal assistance. This covers hospitalization costs and medical repatriation in the event of serious illness.

It is this minimum guarantee that we ask for during our trips.

Insurance guarantees: this is coverage in the event of a disaster.
This covers reimbursements for costs incurred such as cancellation, delay, loss of baggage, etc.
This includes trip cancellation costs following a health problem or compensation in the event of loss or theft of luggage.
To be able to use it, you must have fully or partially paid for your trip with your bank card.

The level of coverage of a bank card depends on its range.

Whatever the model of your card (Visa, Mastercam, Dinner, etc.), there are four main families of coverage:

Classic cards (Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Mastercard, etc.) which generally offer death-disability guarantee and assistance service abroad (in the event of death, illness or injury, legal proceedings or repatriation ). With these cards we recommend that you take out additional insurance. For example with our partner Chapka and its cap Explorer offer

Premium cards (Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold, etc.) which also offer insurance for cancellations, delays, loss, theft and damage to your luggage, car rental, civil liability abroad, etc.) and additional assistance (medical repatriation, assistance with the continuation of the journey, etc.).

More high-end cards (Visa Platinum, Platinum Mastercard, etc.) which add theft guarantee for luggage at a hotel or in a rental vehicle, and offer higher reimbursement limits.

Finally, luxury cards (Visa Infinite, MasterCard World Elite, etc.) which offer additional services (provision of an interpreter, assistance with administrative procedures, etc.) and much higher reimbursement ceilings.

Can the family benefit from the insurance guarantees of my bank card?

Yes, the family is considered to be the beneficiary of the bank card's insurance guarantees. Beneficiaries are considered to be the spouse or partner of the holder; unmarried and fiscally dependent children and grandchildren of the parents and dependent ascendants.

In all other cases, you will need personal insurance.

Does a bank card exempt you from taking out travel insurance?

This of course depends on your card coverage. Important points to check:

• Duration of coverage: Most credit card travel insurance covers trips of less than 90 days.

• Guarantee ceilings: Guarantee ceilings vary depending on the guarantees and the type of card. It is important to check them carefully before leaving on your trip.

• Exclusion conditions: There are certain exclusion conditions for each guarantee. It is important to read them carefully to know what is covered and what is not.

If you need it, we can offer you additional insurance with the Chapka companies. You can check Chapka’s offers here

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