Where is the very oldest bullring of the American continent?

Bullfighting in Peru

Bullfighting, also known under the name of fighting bulls, is obviously one of the numerous heritage of the colony. In 1558, it became the official spectacle of the Vice-Royalty of Peru, and until now, this is an entertainment very appreciated by the Peruvians. 

The major representation of this enthusiasm for bullfighting is during the festival of Señor de los Milagros, during all October to beginning of November. In Lima, the Bullring of Acho, located near to the center, receive bullfighting every Sunday. Built in 1786, there are the most important and older bullring of South America. 

Apart from this major celebration of bullfighting in the capital, small town in the campaigns organize their own bullfights. But, for lack of money, time and energy that breeding those animals cost, the bull is rarely killed at the end of the fight. It even is rarely hurt for the simple entertainment of humans. It’s a question of quantifying the Human force against the beast, and no showing its killing.

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