What sports are played in Peru? What sports are played in Peru?

What sports are played in Peru?

Sport in Peru

    Like in the whole Latin America, football is THE fetish sport of Peruvian people. Transported by an invincible fever during match opposing traditional rivals, all the country seems to stop living during the match period. Sunday’s Pichanga is also inescapable, match between different football clubs, with friends, onto a wasteland or on the high lands in lost communities of the Andes, everybody plays football, near and far.
The absence of the Peruvian team during the different World cups is a matter that don’t keep feeding national frustrations.  

Others sports are also played, but far behind football, for example: volleyball (especially female) and basketball. Jogging and trekking are sports totally unrecognized by Peruvians, that consider hike like something for farmers who don’t have the possibility to take a bus (for lack of money or lack of driving infrastructures), or for tourists. In fact, there are a lot of outdoor sports; rafting, mountain biking, trekking and mountaineering in the Andes, climbing and on the coast; diving, sandboard…

    In addition to « sports » strictly speaking, a particular point of interest of Peruvians are corridas on one side and cockfighting on the other side. Bets are going very well and money and beer are flowing during those Sundays meetings typically Latino-Americans.

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