What places inspired Ernest Hemingway masterpiece?What places inspired Ernest Hemingway masterpiece?

What places inspired Ernest Hemingway masterpiece?

Ernest Hemingway in Peru

Story unknown by the biographers of this famous American author, his short travail on the Peruvian North coast in 1956 is yet very interesting. He heard about a fishing paradise where still lived the Black Marlin, this race of fish he described in his major work The Old Man and The Sea and which presence is rather rare in the majority of waters. This is with the purpose of making some scenes of the movie based on his book that Hemingway spent 32 days in the little village of Cabo Blanco. Every day, a boat full of cinematographic equipment left the port with the expectation of capturing images of this famous fish. Hemingway stay at 1000km at the north of Lima didn’t go unnoticed because of his Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, so a few years before. It still be a great pride for Peruvian peoples. 

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