What luggage, clothes and other items should I bring with me on a trip to Peru?What luggage, clothes and other items should I bring with me on a trip to Peru?

What luggage, clothes and other items should I bring with me on a trip to Peru?

The airlines operate a very strict control on baggage. Check the weight and the quantity of baggage authorized. For your cabin baggage, avoid to put any sharp or edged object (knife, chisel…) that you will put in your checked baggage. Liquids and aerosols are also forbidden in cabin.
The travelers must plan two different bags, a bag or a suitcase of high capacity (50 to 70 liters) for all their things.
A second will be obligatory a small bag (30 to 40 liters) for the day, in which they can put their jacket, gourd, camera and other accessories.

Warning: intern airlines accept a maximum weight of 22 kg per person of baggage checked (more information according to the airline). Antipode advise to travel with a maximum weight of 15 kg to facilitate handling.

It is frequent that during a trip, tours of several days are planned with a return in the same hotel, like for example for Machu-Picchu or the Amazonia. So it will be possible and it is strongly suggest to let the biggest of your baggage in your hotel and only pack the necessary for the tour.

What kind of clothes do we have to bring for a travel in Peru?

Peru presents a huge variety of ecosystems and climates. So it is necessary to plan both clothes for heat and clothes for fresh nights in mountain areas. Its localization, just under the equator, and the altitude of some areas increase the solar radiation; so it is important to protect you efficiently. It is necessary to have a hat or a covering cap and sunglasses. For the ecotourism trip in Amazonia, the travelers must have light clothing but covering despite the heat, this is to prevent against the insects: large pants, knee socks and polos or clothing long sleeves. It is possible to treat the clothes against insects with a particular product.
In the Andes like Puno or Cusco, plan warmer clothing for the night: pullovers, pants, knee socks, anorak or windbreak.
We also remember you to have your bathing suit and a towel for your swimming in thermal waters or in Amazonia.  

Can you wash your things in Peru?

You will have the possibility to do the laundry during you trip. Hotels where you will sleep offer a laundry service (except shelters). So it’s not necessary to bring clothing of replacement for each day.

What kind of shoes do we have to choose for a trip in Peru?

Peru is a natural country with many protected areas which can be visited walking. You need to plan very comfortable shoes like baskets or walking shoes. Town footwear and heels are improper.
Delay or baggage loss by Airlines landing in Peru
Sometimes, it happen that airlines do not forward well the baggage to destination. So they will ask to you at the moment of your arrival in Lima to fill a form in order to follow your baggage. A case number will be given to you with a phone number from the airline luggage service. It is important to indicate the address of the hotel of your next step, having an airport, for example Cusco or Arequipa, and no Nazca, or your hotel in Lima. Your baggage will be delivered in your hotel or in the nearest airport (according to the airlines). Antipode cannot be responsible of a delay in your international flight or program changes, as well as baggage loss.

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