What languages are spoken in Peru?What languages are spoken in Peru?

What languages are spoken in Peru?

What language do they speak in Peru?

Spanish is the official language in Peru, and the only one taught at school.  
This is the language of public institutions, trade exchanges, and the most widely accepted in all over the country.

Nevertheless, the country’s bilingual reality is undeniable. In all the Andean and Amazon region, the population in the city and mainly in campaigns speaks Quechua language, Aymara language in Puno’s and Titicaca Lake’s region, and others different native languages in Amazonia. It is noted that between one and two million people don’t speak Spanish at all and speak their regional mother tongue only. This diversity of languages reflects the diversity of cultures that coexists in the country. It is both a richness by the cultural dynamism it involves and a major difficulty for matters equally important as education, health, in short; social life.

Furthermore, it is noted that English is not really spoken (if ever) by the Peruvian population. Only in touristic attractions, hotels-restaurants or airlines, you could speak English.

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