What is the story of the search of the lost city or Paititi in Peru?What is the story of the search of the lost city or Paititi in Peru?

What is the story of the search of the lost city or Paititi in Peru?

Peru is truly Heaven for dreamers or explorers. In Europe, everything has been discovered and explored more than a hundred time. At the contrary, Peru is a country that knew many very ancient cultures, more rich and powerful the one and the others, taking turns for thousands of years. 

They left marks and traces that the time has buried but they didn’t disappeared. We could make an endless list of forgotten sites, which continue to feed the fantasies of local and foreign people, and potential Indiana Jones.

The natural environment participates to this fantasia; the dense jungle, the rubber boots, the machete to go through a path, the permanent danger of salvage nature and “huaqueros” looking after the same treasures…

 Mystery around the existence of this sites is entire and excites the most unbridled imaginations.

Starting from accounts compiled by the Spanish chroniclers and legends that are transmitted orally from a generation to the other, many hunters of myths started the adventure. From Hiram Bingham and Maria Reiche, the most famous and ancients, to Thierry Jamin, actually searching the lost city of the Great Paititi, foreign peoples have succeeded, they came to enrich, transform a legend into reality, become notorious, feel the danger adrenaline or extend their knowledge level and their understanding level of the human race. 

Among the greats discoverers, we have to talk about Gene Savoy, he first discovered Espiritu Pampa, the last home of the Inca royal family (that Bingham was searching before “discovering” Machu Picchu), then, on the way back up north, he excavated Gran Pajatén and Kuelap, the two major sites of Chachapoyas civilization, and finally he started to demonstrate that Peruvian people came from overseas. These expeditions took all the 20th century, and some of this researches are still continuing…until the next great discovery? … 

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