What is the origin of the Peruvian flag?What is the origin of the Peruvian flag?

What is the origin of the Peruvian flag?

History of Peruvian flag

The origins of the Peruvian national flag and its inspiration are not known and are still subject of debate. Nevertheless, the legend explains that colors of the national flag would have been inspired to General San Martin by a pink flamingo’s flight seen along the Peruvian coast in Paracas.

The flag also presents a national coat-of-arms which gather side by side a cinchona, a cornucopia spilling gold and a vicuña. These 3 elements represent the 3 geographical regions of Peru as the Coast, the Amazonia and the Andes, as well as the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdom.

Most of the time, the flag is represented without the coat-of-arms and only with white and red colors. 

The Peruvian national emblems

As in many countries, national emblems make echo to the national flag to represent the particular identity of the country.

In Peru, the emblems are:

- National flag

- National anthem

- National coat-of-arms

- Vicuña

- The Peruvian cock-of-the-rock

- Cantuta flower

For the Independence Day, on 28th July, this is an obligation by law to put a flag on the house window. A lot of people have as well the cockade to show their attachment to their country during the patriotic celebrations. 

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