What is the «El niño» climate phenomenon?What is the «El niño» climate phenomenon?

What is the «El niño» climate phenomenon?

The climate phenomenon of El Niño 

The climate phenomenon “El Niño” (the Child, undertone the Child Jesus) gets its name from the period of the year when it happen, that is during Christmas. Hot waters come from Ecuador to the Peruvian shores, disrupting the normal climate. Its antithesis, La Niña, is the cold flowing water that comes from Chili, which normally push back the superficial hot waters. But, when El Niño phenomenon is too strong, hot waters from the north win. This climate phenomenon take action per cycle each 3 to 8 years.

It has an important impact on fishery that stop because the fishes prefer cold waters. Also the climate is lost and heavy precipitations flood the whole Peruvian coastline (causing enormous agricultural loss) and provoking unprecedented drought in Australia. The winds blow into storm in all the South American continent. During the Inca and pre-Incas periods, the consequences of this climate phenomenon were subject to numerous offerings and rites in order to gain Pachamama confidence and peace. 

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