What is the cost of living in Peru? What is the change level of Euros and Dollars in Peru?

The Peruvian money is Nuevo Sol (commonly called sol). Nowadays, the exchange rate is around 3, 5 soles for 1 € (this exchange rate can vary between 3, 25 to 3, 7) and 2, 65 soles for 1 American Dollar. This exchange rate isn’t the lowest of Latin America, life is a little bit more expensive in Bolivia, for example, but for a budget in euros, the difference is minimal ad life is really cheap.
    Exchange offices abound in every area you will be susceptible to visit, so much tourism is part of the economic life of the country. Both dollars and euros are accepted almost everywhere. Be careful to counterfeit banknotes, but especially to torn of restored banknotes, which aren’t always accepted in the shops.

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