What is the cost of living in Peru? What is the change level of Euros and Dollars in Peru?

The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol (more commonly known as sol).

Exchange rates

To get an idea of exchange rates before you leave, consult the following site: http://www.xe.com

Please note: the rates given on this site are official rates and do not take into account the margins of the exchange house or bank. It's very easy to exchange Euros or US Dollars anywhere in the country, but if you're doing a combined trip with another South American country (e.g. Bolivia), we recommend that you exchange the other country's national currencies before entering the country, to get a more advantageous exchange rate. 

Life is slightly more expensive than in Bolivia, for example, but for a budget in euros, the difference is minimal, and life is really cheap.

Exchange offices abound in all the areas you are likely to visit, as tourism is such an integral part of the country's economic life. Dollars and euros are accepted almost everywhere. Beware of counterfeit bills, and especially torn or stuck bills, which are not always accepted in stores.

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