What is the best season to come to Peru? When to go to Peru?What is the best season to come to Peru? When to go to Peru?

What is the best season to come to Peru? When to go to Peru?

Peru has two season well marked; the dry season and the rainy season? 

Seasons are not felt the same in function of the region (the coastline, the Andes or the Amazonia).

Peru during the dry season from May to October

In the Amazonia, regardless of the season, it always rain a little, more often at night and with rain showers. Humidity exists (eternally) but it is reduced. During the dry season, the waterways are at the lowest point and the excursions are made walking for a better immersion in the natural environment. It’s easy to accede to almost all the sites thanks to practicable roads (when it exists).

On the coast and moreover from Lima, the sky is clogged by the Garua, a kind of permanent fog which don’t let see the sun. This is not the season of beaches, but apart from the capital, the weather stays relatively enjoyable, not too hot neither too cold. 

In the Andes, the dry season is the most favorable to practice trekking, with a total absence of rains, a risk of landslide nearly void and a complete accessibility to almost all the possible sites. The Andes present a vegetation less dense, the grass is dried and yellow, days are warms and sunny (warning, in altitude, the sun do not warm, it burns) and nights are very cold, this is the “temporada de helada”; the freeze season, with a cold even more intense as mounting goes by, with a high risk of negative temperature in altitude.

Peru during the rainy season from November to April 

In the Amazonia, rains are much more numerous. Waterways are high, visits are made with a boat most of time; this has the advantage of allowing to observe better the treetops. Nature reaches its peak, all the plants are growing at the maximum and we feel life that bubbles in every parts.

On the coast, during this season, there is no rain and most of time, time is clear and beautiful, the sun shines every single day. This is the season when we can go to the beach and enjoy sunny days to do surf, bathing, visits in the sea… Persons from Lima in holidays do not lose a week end to relax themselves and go outside the big capital, bustling and polluted.

In the Andes, this is the rainy season, with practically every day at the end of this afternoon, a rain shower of about 2 hours. The rest of the time, the sky is clear and the weather is sunny. Days are hot and nights are fresh. During this season, the Andes are green and it is possible to observe orchids and flowers blooming. Nevertheless, some places aren’t accessible anymore, or the transport is subject to a great variability, in particular the roads leading from a place to another can be closed because of the overflow of a river bed. Or, on the road descending from the Andes to Amazonia, there are sometimes landslides that make the way impractical.

The best solution is probably to choose a season for this time… and come back during the other for the next trip! A travel in Peru will always be unforgettable, don’t matter the time of year you will choose!

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