What is a local travel agency?What is a local travel agency?

What is a local travel agency?

Antipode is a local travel agency: This means that we organize your trips from the countries we offer.

Our head office is based in Cusco, Peru and we have offices and agents in La Paz, Bolivia and Santiago, Chile.

Concretely, a local agency like ours is the best option for the organization of your vacation. Because we are physically on the spot we are at your side in all the stages of your stay.

Why travel with a local agency?

- A fine knowledge of local realities 

- Services without intermediaries 

- 24/7 support 

Upstream :

Because we live ourselves in the country you are going to visit, we know the daily realities on the ground. We can thus advise you judiciously on your stages, on the real conditions of life, on the choice of your hotels and on many other points.

We are in direct contact with your hotels, your guides, your drivers... We are therefore able to select the best services according to your travel profile. We also negotiate rates every year through a relationship of trust with our partners. We thus offer you the best quality/price ratio.

 During your stay :

Because we are on site, we are in direct contact with you as soon as you arrive. We establish this contact in order to follow you step by step. We meet you personally when you pass through Cusco, La Paz or Santiago.

Finally, we are reactive and can deal with any situation. Since we are based in South America, we all speak perfect Spanish and know the people who are working with you.

A local agency is first and foremost a team that has chosen to live in the countries it offers to visit. Antipode has at heart to make you love Peru, Bolivia and Chile, in the respect of the cultures that will welcome you.

Contact us and be co-creators of your trip! 
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