What are the security issues for a trip in Peru?What are the security issues for a trip in Peru?

What are the security issues for a trip in Peru?

Security in Peru

The question on every traveler's mind in Latin America is: how unsafe are the areas I'm going to visit?
The main threat of terrorism disappeared 10 years ago. While Peru has some problems with crime and drug trafficking, the tourist circuits are completely risk-free.

Drug trafficking and illicit substances
Peru is a major producer of cocaine, and drug trafficking is a concern for local authorities. Travelers are encouraged to avoid any involvement in drug trafficking and not to buy or transport illegal substances.

Demonstrations and civil unrest
Demonstrations can sometimes occur in Peru, particularly in large cities. Travelers are advised to avoid demonstrations and gatherings. In the event of occasional problems, we will propose an alternative solution depending on the situation.

Urban crime
As in many countries, urban crime, including pickpocketing and muggings, can be a problem in Peru's major cities. Travelers are advised to be vigilant, especially in certain areas of Lima and Arequipa. Other tourist cities are generally safe.

Crime on public transport 
Theft from buses and cabs can be a problem, especially at night. In Lima and Arequipa in particular, it is advisable to take official cabs by requesting a cab from your hotel.
For intercity buses, we use the best companies, which are very safe.

High altitude and altitude sickness
In mountainous regions such as Cuzco or Lake Titicaca, high altitude can lead to altitude sickness. It's important to take the time to acclimatize gradually to the altitude and drink plenty of water to avoid health complications.

Natural hazards
Peru is prone to natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions. Fortunately, such situations are rare.

A few tips

Inter-city transport is becoming increasingly secure thanks to passenger videos, and the most serious risk you could run on your trip would be pickpocketing your wallet.

For this reason, avoid carrying conspicuous valuables as much as possible. Leaving your huge digital camera hanging around your neck attracts attention.

Never keep your wallet in your trouser pockets, let alone in one of your back pockets.

Never carry your passport, plane tickets, bank cards, etc. on your person.

Never leave your belongings unattended.

Thieves often don't act alone, and when one throws dirt, ketchup or the like at you to divert your attention, another takes advantage of this moment of distraction to pick your pocket.


Peru is not an inherently dangerous country, but there are areas and situations to avoid.
It's important to take the necessary steps to minimize the risks.
By following basic safety rules, you can make the most of your stay in Peru.
By traveling with our services, you can minimize the risks and travel with peace of mind.

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