What are the security issues for a trip in Peru?What are the security issues for a trip in Peru?

What are the security issues for a trip in Peru?

Security in Peru

    Question every traveler have in Latin America; what is the insecurity level in the areas I want to visit?
    The major threat that terrorism was is now finished since 10 years. If Peru has some delinquency and drug trade issues, sightseeing tours are absolutely safe. Beside some districts of Lima, the capital, where delinquency still a real issue, the rest of the country is quite peaceful. Transports between cities are becoming more secure thanks to security cameras and the worst thing that could happen during your travel would be a pick-pocketing of your wallet.
    For this, you have to try not to mark yourself out as a tourist. Leave your big camera on your neck bring attention like a Chinese in Africa. You mustn’t keep your wallet in your trouser pockets, and even more back pockets. Don’t keep with you your passport, airline ticket, credit cards, etc. You must be always careful to your possessions, you mustn’t leave it unattended. Thieves are not working alone and when one of them throw land, ketchup or other thing on you to distract you, another takes this opportunity to steal you.

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