Useful information for a trip in PeruUseful information for a trip in Peru

Useful information for a trip in Peru

Do we have to bring Euros or Dollars for a trip in Peru?

For the travelers’ tranquility, we recommend to use an anti-seepage pocket, worn around the neck or in belt to put you passport, your currency, credit card and personal documents. It is not necessary to travel with a lot of cash on you.
It’s more practical to withdraw national money, « Nuevo sol » to pay your expenses or souvenir and to keep some dollars (or euros) in case of. Our guide can show you at any time the official exchange offices.  
In case of problem, there are Wester Union and Money Gram offices in all the country where you can receive quickly money from you country of origin.

What are the exchange rates in Peru?

To have more idea about the exchange rate, before your flight you can consult this Website:
Warning: The rates given by this website and official rates and it do not take in consideration les agency margins or the bank.
It is easy to change Euros or Dollars US everywhere in the country, but if you will make a journey combined to another South American country (example; Bolivia or Ecuador), we recommend to exchange the national money of the other before to enter in the country to have a better exchange rate.  

What are the main banks in Peru?

Lampa 499 /  Lima  / Perú
Tel : (0)1 427 5600

Av Pardo Y Allaga 634  /  Lima  / Perú
Tel: 311-900

Zona Financiera /  Lima  / Perú
Tel: 311 6000

Av. República de Panamá 3664 / San Isidro / Lima  / Perú
Tel: 4 40 53 05

Taxi / How much is a taxi in Peru?
Taxis are numerous in all the country and for safety reasons (except taxis), it is not necessary to ask to your hotel or the restaurant to call an official taxi. Don’t take taxi in the street. Prices are higher at night.  
In Lima; a taxi service for the same district is about 10 and 20 soles.
In Cusco, a taxi service in the city center coast about 5 soles.

Electricity in Peru / Do we have to bring an adapter?
The electric power in Peru is 220 V. Most of the hotels have hybrid electric outlets for American and European plugs (flat or round plug). However, it may be useful to have an adapter with flat plugs (American plugs).

Post in Peru/ How to send a letter or a package?
There are post offices in all major city. Most of the hotels also offer this service, at the reception. Stamps are sold in post offices or in some shops. However be careful because the post service in very slow. You may be back in your country before the arrival of your postcards.

Hour and schedule / what are the opening hours of officies and administration in Peru?
The local hour is GMT - 5 hours.
Most of shops and administration open from 9 am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 6pm, from Monday to Friday, and Saturday only on the morning.
Sundays are day off.
Appointments in Peru are generally summited to a floating of ½ hours so be patient...

What is the language spoken in Peru?
Spanish is the official language of Peru. In the mountains, most of the Indians are bilinguals, Spanish is their second language. They speak Quechuan in almost all the regions and Aymara near to Titicaca Lake. Between 1 and 2 millions do not speak Spanish. English and French are not particularly helpful except in some hotels or airlines.

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