Travel in Peru in small or private group Travel in Peru in small or private group

Travel in Peru in small or private group

Meeting the authentic

It’s been a long time you dream about Latin America but there is no offer that satisfice you at 100%? Actually, most of the stays proposed by classical travel agencies only offer departures days and it’s non-negotiable, so as standardized travels that have to satisfy everyone (lovers of open salvage spaces, History and archaeology fans, fans of animal observation, families with children or person alone and more athletic…), with a group of unknowns and with which, “if we are lucky”, we will get along…

So you decided to find a travel which suits you perfectly, a trip made for you, customized, well, a trip that respect your budget, your desires and your rhythm? Good new! You just found an Agency that is in capacity to satisfice you completely.

Antipode is THE specialist of travels made to measure in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.
We propose private trips, for you and only you, where you will be able to choose by yourself (from 2 persons) your own departure date, your journey, your points of interest, the time you want to spend in each region, the kind of accommodation and the mode of transport you desire in function of price and comfort, ect…

Our team, who lives in the country and knows by heart the small details of those countries, will be able to advise you easily about the practical, the economic and the pertinent aspect of the journey you have on mind. Thanks to his great availability, via e-mails or phone calls, she will help you to create entirely a coherent trip, especially made for you, in order to guarantee your maximal satisfaction during the time you have in the wonderful part of the world.

Your trip will be more unique, more adapted to you and will allow you to accede at so much more authenticity…

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