The CondorThe Condor

The Condor

Vultur gryphus The great Ande's Condor is one of the largest birds on the world, with a wingspan of about 3.20 meters. It is present in the Andes Cordillera and on the Pacific coast. In Peru and in the Andean culture, the condor is an Apu: a deity. It is possible to see condors very easily: on the Pacific coast, in the region of Pisco and Nazca; in the Andes, in the canyon of Colca, at the mirador Cruz del condor, specially arranged for the observation of this bird; and on the different trekkings that we propose. The condor is one of the symbols of Peru: every year, a festival, the Yawar fiesta, is organized in a village near Cusco. It features a condor and a bull, representing the fight between the Spanish invader (the bull) and the indigenous resistance (the condor). This festival is particularly well described by the Peruvian anthropologist José maria Arguedas, in a book that bears the name of the festival. 

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