Some realities for a trip in PeruSome realities for a trip in Peru

Some realities for a trip in Peru

Tips and bargaining in Peru

In Peru, it is usual to give some tips at the restaurant or after a visit or a trekking. The guides who will be with you will give you some indications about when and how much you can normally give and what is expected.
In Peru, bargaining is normal, nevertheless, we never divide par two or three a price, and it used to be a few soles. So keep reasonable because a reduction of a few ten of euro cents for you can be for the producer a considerable quantity. That being said, you always have to bargain and ask for the just price, because the custom of asking a price without relation (because we know that tourists can pay) can involve a destabilization of the economic balance in the region and an indefensible inflation for local buyers.

Behavior during the trip/Begging in Peru
In a country where the economy is emerging, like in Peru or Bolivia, the economic impact of tourism can be positive under the condition of respecting some rules of adequate behavior.
First of all, you mustn’t give money to the children who are asking for because it encourages them to begging in the street in stand of being to the school (much more efficient and profitable at short-term).
So it’s better to encourage a true conversation and, eventually, help them buying some scholar material (pen, notebook…).
Then, in isolated rural areas of the Andes, the villagers continue to wear their colorful traditional clothes, and this daily. There are not zoo animals; ask them the permission before taking a picture and respect them in case of refusal. On the other side, particularly in cities, some peoples wear their traditional costumes only to receive a coin in change of a photo. You mustn’t sink in the attention of this game which encourage the “folklorisation” and the denaturalization of Andean traditions.

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