Is there problems for women who travel alone in Peru? Is there problems for women who travel alone in Peru?

Is there problems for women who travel alone in Peru?

Advices to women travelling alone in Peru

Peru is part of Latin America so it don’t escaped from the current general rule of the south continent: prudence. And in particular for women traveling alone, if insecurity and risk that it contains are present for both men and women, the sexual aspect of danger that weighs in on women, calls for particular vigilance. Nevertheless, following some advices of common sense and opening rather two eyes than one, your trip in Peru will pass of in good conditions.

-    First, avoid to be alone in areas around the city, not very urban but not rural yet. There are less people traveling but it’s easy to accede and malicious persons can be waiting for you without getting notices.
-    Secondly, avoid to be alone at night after 10pm. After this time, you must always be accompanied or in taxi.
-    Thirdly, always take a safe taxi (radio taxi with official identification, etc...). In particular at night and from areas where tourist used to go to take a drink.
-    Fourthly, don’t trust spontaneously and don’t follow an unknown (moreover when it’s a men), in direction to dark areas or less frequented areas. Don’t let you convince to change you trajectory by an unknown, even if he seems very sympathetic and friendly.
-    Then, if you are in a bar or a nightclub, keep an eye on your drink and who is near, to avoid the possibility of pouring undesirable substances. Remember that incidents, when it happen, used to happen at night and when the person is under the influence of alcohol or other substance.

Remember; the person you will meet unexpectedly in the street can be honest or with good intentions, but not necessarily. The distrust is really common in the Peruvian society, and this is not a rule that applied only for tourists. Nevertheless, because we are used to our country relatively safe, the normal vigilance level is often lowest among tourists, which make them easy targets.

Generally, big cities are more dangerous (in particular Lima). In the campaigns, we almost can say at 100% that nothing will happen to you.

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