How to travel to Peru cheap?How to travel to Peru cheap?

How to travel to Peru cheap?

 Why traveling with Antipode is not more expensive than going alone?

A faraway and very touristic destination like Peru has, in Europe, an image of an expensive destination; however, by making the right choices, it is quite possible to travel there cheaply while really enjoying yourself.

By choosing our agency, you are sure to find the best quality/price ratio, and it will not cost you more than to book the hotels yourself on the internet, on the contrary.

Indeed, all the people who join our team live on the spot: therefore, in the countries we propose you to visit, we visit every year the different hotels we propose, and negotiate preferential rates, more advantageous, often cheaper, than if private individuals wanted to book a room. This is made possible thanks to our seniority in the field and the personal and direct links we have with them. Our proximity to the field also allows us to be on the lookout for new establishments with an even better quality/price ratio, to eliminate hotels with insufficient quality/price ratio and/or quality of service, and to make new choices.

In this way, we can guarantee the best at the most reasonable price according to your desire, and this in a constantly updated way, which is not possible through an online reservation site or with travel agencies based in Europe.

The second great advantage of Antipode is that we employ no intermediaries or as little as possible. A product that has passed through the hands of several intermediaries is therefore, quite logically, more expensive than if it is acquired directly from the producer. But we are the direct producers of your trip: we take care of absolutely everything and negotiate all the prices directly. We can therefore assure you a price as close as possible to the real, basic price of each tourist product included in your trip.

In addition, we offer travel packages with a step-by-step guide. This means that, on each step of your trip, you will benefit from the services of a guide who will explain you everything you need to know about the region and the sites you are visiting; but that you will do the trips alone, and that . This guide will not accompany you for the entire trip. So no trip, no overnight stays, and no accompanying time is actually useless on top of paying for the guide. This option of traveling with a step-by-step guide is a key asset to limit the total cost of your trip.

Of course, we offer the best prices in a range of comfort that is ours. We do not work with youth hostels for example and do not offer certain services of collective visits which are certainly cheaper but whose quality standards do not suit us. 

In short, our knowledge of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, will allow you to optimize your stay and not lose time for the cheapest possible price compared to the quality we offer.

More than anything else, we manage the unexpected, which will not be the case if you leave alone. And, no unforeseen events, no extra costs!

At Antipode, we offer you cheap trips!

You are not convinced? Take a look at our trip Peru Essential!

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