From where does the « Island guano » come?From where does the « Island guano » come?

From where does the « Island guano » come?

Richness of guano

Guano is the excrement of seabirds who live on Peruvian islands and coasts. This is a great fertilizer, especially used in Europe and United States of America.

Harvested since the 19th century beginning, it was sold at premium prices and it made the richness of several families who built wonderful houses we can already see in Lima Center. 

In 1850, the Peruvian economy depended entirely of guano sales. Its harvest was a social disaster because of the working conditions of Andean Indians sent on the islands. Indeed, the guano has an ammonic smell and it burns the skin. Sometimes, those Indian became blinds. 

During the 2000’s, with the popularity of organic farming, the guano sale is booming and the harvest conditions are now regulated to protect workers from toxic gaz. 

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