Frequently asked questions about the Inca TrailFrequently asked questions about the Inca Trail

Frequently asked questions about the Inca Trail

What are the registration procedure for the Inca-Trail?

Contact us by email, formulary or by phone.
Complete boldly the registration form we will send to you, with the information asked. It is to note that some information such as your hotel the departure day and your insurance can be given in a second time.

For any inscription for the Inca Trail, add your passport scans.
One the registration form received, we well send you an invoice with the selected options and a payment method.

Your registration will be taken in account one the payment received and it will be made awareness according to the available spaces (entrance to the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu).
In case of unavailability after reception of your payment, we could offer you an alternative date or another trekking. In case of negation, you will be repaid on the value of your stay (out of payment of fees).

To book, we absolutely need:

-    The exact date of your departure on the Inca Trail (there is no possibility to change after the payment).
-    100% of the payment (there is no possibility of reimbursement if the person doesn’t come).
-    Complete first name and name of all the participants.
-    N° of passports of all the participants.
-    Nationality of all the participants.
-    Date of birth of all the participants.
-    If holder; the copy of the International Student Card ISIC (Reduction on the final price).

What are the possible reductions for the Inca trail?
To benefit the student reduction, it is indispensable to have a Student Card ISIC, the only card awareness for the Inca Trail. The other student cards are not awareness for a reduction.
Holders of ISIC card must have at the moment of the trip between 17 and 26 years old.  
Participants aged of less 16 years old have to, in order to have a reduction, give the passport copy at the moment of the booking.

Your reservation for your trip will be effective after the entire reception of the payment.

Passport you use to make the reservation must be present at the moment of your entrance in the hiking trail, in the contrary, the entrance could be refused. For this, we recommend to give us a copy of all the passport throughout the reservation.

I am autonomous. Can I do alone the Inca Trail, without agency?
No. A norm dating from January 2001 forbid as of now independent travelers on the Inca Trail in order to protect them. The entrance of himself must be purchased before, by a tour operator authorized nearby the competent authorities. This is this same authority that control the proper application of the applicable standards by the travel agencies. It is not possible to by an entrance in the official access point.

When do I have to book? Do I need to wait to be in Cusco to book?
What are the places and availabilities on the Inca Trail?
By order of the Peruvian government, the quantity of places is limited to 500 per day. These places are often reserved several months earlier and often during the year (especially in July and August). So you have to reserve 4 to 5 months before for the most requested months.
If your agency cannot buy places, no other agency could give it to you. There are no pre-booked quotas by agency. As well if the place quota sol dis achieved, this is useless to wait any disclaimer.
The places sold are nominative and cannot be market rebates. This is why there are particular sell conditions for this trekking.

So there is a lot of people? We walk in single file?
Obviously, you won’t be alone… But the quota of 500 persons include about 200 holders, 50 cookers and guides and about 250 trekkers, among about 50 are initiated their trekking at the kilometer 104 for only two days. So this is sometimes less people than some days in Salkantay trekking for example.

I took it too late, there is no place anymore. What can I do?
Don’t worry, there a much other trekking possible in Peru. The two main alternatives are Lares trekking and Salkantay trekking. All are different so you will certainly find something to satisfy yourself. Noted that only the Inca Trail allow to arrive directly at the foot of Machu Picchu by the Gate of the Sun. All the others possibilities of trip are passing by Aguas Calientes village.

Why do they need so many details for the inscription? Why do they need a complete payment?
In fact, we ask you many details for your registration. All this details are asked by the regulatory authorities of the Inca Trail. Places are effectively nominatives and non-alterable. So it is important to register with the same passport you will travel. Your inscription, once validated, won’t be alterable. So we propose us a full payment because nobody could replace you, even if you don’t participate to the trekking.

Is the entrance of Machu Picchu included with the Inca Trail?
Yes, of course. The trekking authorization for the Inca Trail include the access to Machu Picchu for a day. Nevertheless, if you want to accede to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mount, you have to acquire a complete entrance in supplement.

Is it absolutely necessary to acclimate to altitude?
This is indispensable and condition largely the trekking difficulty.
Before to start the trekking, it is imperative to plan an acclimation period to altitude, in order to adapt to this new element. This period is to determinate by your attention. In fact, there is no general rule and the reaction of each organism is different in the face of that process. Nevertheless, it is important to arrive at least 48 hours in altitude (more than 300 meters) before the trekking.
It is also important to take a rest (1 day) after a long travelling time in plane or bus before to start a trekking.
Tell you also this is not lost time and there are hundreds of things to visit in Cusco and in the Sacred Valley.
Confirmation of your student status or minor status in case of reduction.
A reduction is applicable to minor kids. Conditions are also very strict:

•    Presentation of the ISIC Card copy (and only this card) or the passport copy attesting the age for minors at the moment of the reservation.  
•    Holder of the ISIC card must have, at the moment of the excursion, between 16 and 27 years old.
•    Presentation of the original ISIC card at the moment of the entrance on the Inca Trail.

The default of one or the other obligations, the production of falsified information or document, can lead to the access interdiction to the Trail, without the responsibility of Antipode.  
What is the difficulty of the Inca Trail? Will I am going to get there?
The Inca Trail is a trekking without technical difficulties.
Some steps are maybe     demanding but a « normal » physical fitness will allow you to get it. In fact, those ones are studied to allow to everyone enough time to join the end of the journey.
Some important points about the difficulties:
1st day: This is the warm up, there is no major difficulty.
2nd day: This is the day of the major ascension of the trekking at 4215 meters, challenge of the Inca Trail. It is progressive but sometimes punctuated with steps. After the cross pass, the rest of the journey is exclusively downhill until Pacasmayo camp. This downhill is largely constituted by paved steps. So warning to persons who suffer from the articulations. This is a short day both in time and kilometers, allowing to accede to the cross at your rhythm.
3rd day: This is the largest day in time and kilometers. However, it is easier (there is not high cross) and punctuated by stops to visit. The end of the journey before to arrive to Wiñaywayna camp offer several possibilities to cut part of the way if you state of fatigue don’t allow you to do the entire way.
4th day: Arrival to Machu Picchu, there is no particular difficulty.

We remember you that this description is referential, it depends especially on camps given by the INC and, obviously, your own physical form.

Do I have to bring water for 4 days?
Hopeful not! You have to plan a bottle for the first day. Then, you could buy water in bottle on almost all the journey. Pellets to purify water can be useful too. We can find several streams all along the journey.

What kind of backpack do I have to bring for the Inca Trail?
During the Inca Trail, you will have to carry yourself your own things, that means your replacement clothes, your personal things (camera, gourds, washing things…), you sleeping bag (even if you rent one with our services) and your floor mat (which will be given at the beginning of your trekking).
A specific model of backpack, about 30 liters, is recommended. You can add some straps or cords in order to attach you floor mat and/or the sleeping bad outside.
It is also possible to rend backpacks in Cusco.

Do I have to take a supplementary holder?
We propose, under the general term of « holders », the care of your things for a weight of 6 or 12kg. This doesn’t mean that a holder will be especially affected to your things, but you will have the possibility to give the specified weight to the ports team. This supplementary port will allow you to travel light and enjoy entirely your trekking.

How are the toilets organized?
All camps are equipped with latrines. Their state of cleanliness is very variable but generally good. Some camps (especially the last one in Wiñaywayna) are with showers… cold showers!

What is the size of the different groups?
Our tour is assured from 2 participants. Groups are composed by maximum 16 persons with minimum a guide for 9 participants. Above this quantity, the main guide is accompanied by an assistant.

Special recommendations for the Inca Trail about things to bring

- On the Inca Trail, you have to carry your things, the holders only carry the collective material / Possibility to have a holder in extra.
 - The backpack don’t have to be too heavy (less than 9 kilos). The rest of the things can be left in the hotel in Cusco.  
 - Original passport / no copy
 - Bottle of water for the first day.
-  Pellets to purify water (Micropur)
 - Flashlight.
 - A powerful repellant (with 50% D.E.T)
 - Sunscreen (total screen)
 - Poncho for the rain
 - Snack and energy bars
 - Sleeping bag (-10° preferably) / Possibility to rent one in our agency
 - Walking Stick with rubber nozzle / Possibility to rent one in our agency

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