Cockfighting in PeruCockfighting in Peru

Cockfighting in Peru

Cockfighting is a divertissement and a common passion to many countries of Latin America and takes all its expression in Peru. Imported from Spain during colonization, the bird breed they used – exclusively – in those fights is naturally very territorial and incredibly aggressive (in the natural state, which means without human breeding, this race would be extinguished long ago because of the constant confrontation to death of males but also females between them).

It exists two types of fight; the navaja with a sharp blade that make more uncertain the fight and the pico or piquero with weapons much more reduced that imitate the natural ergot of the animal. The fight interest consists in observe the combatant qualities of those fighting animals.

The cockfighting competition is given every time it’s possible but particularly at the end of July, during the Independence Day; Fiestas Patrias. 

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