Can we take Spanish lessons in Peru?Can we take Spanish lessons in Peru?

Can we take Spanish lessons in Peru?

Spanish lessons in Peru

Peru is considerate by a lot of people as the country where Spanish (castellan) is the easiest to understand and to learn. Indeed, the rhythm is slowest and the current vocabulary used is more standard than in Spain, for example, where the speech speed is impressive and slang present in every 2 phrases. Moreover, intonations are less marked, less song and the consonant are clearer than other countries of Latin America.
Many school language, in every cities in Peru, propose lessons to travelers and foreign residents who desire to plunge in the language and the local culture. With one or several hours a day, in private, half-private or collective lessons, you will rapidly realize that Spanish is not so far from French and with a little practice, the accentuation and linguistic structure is on hand for Francophones.
So, if you have time, Peru can be the ideal place to learn or improve your Spanish. Antipode, thanks to the antiquity of its direct presence in the country, could establish contacts with the best language schools in the main cities of Peru. Also, the agency will be pleased to get us in contact with these schools for a complete satisfaction of customers.

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