7 books to read before your trip to Peru7 books to read before your trip to Peru

7 books to read before your trip to Peru

Readings for your trop in Peru

Before or during your trip in Peru, we can recommend you the following publications:

The time of a Hero (Faber & Faber, 1995) by Mario Vargas Llosa, talk about the hard life of 4 young men boarders in a military school in Lima.

The seven crystal balls, Prisoners of the sun (Casterman, 1996) by Hergé, without having visited the South American continent but with an incredible documentation work, Hergé knew how to transmit his love of travel and adventure.

Lost City of the Incas (Phoenix Press, 2003) by Hiram Bingham, is the logbook of a famous American academic who discovered Machu Picchu.

Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru (University of Texas Press) by the Inca Garcilazo de la Vega is the reference work about the way of life of the Incas, written by the son of a Pizarro’s captain and the niece of Huayna Capac.

The vision of the Vanquished (Barnes & Noble imports, 1971) by Nathan Wachtel give the point of view of Incas about their meeting with Spanish peoples.

History of the Incas (Pantheon books, 1969) by Alfred Métraux is a passionate book about the socio-economic system of the Incas and the key people of their organization.

Open veins of Latin America (Monthly Review, 1971) by Eduardo Galeano is an analyze of the Amerindian society and its forced integration in the New World.

Travel guides

There are many travel guides for Peru. Make your choice among the best known.

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