Huayna Picchu

This black rock peak stands in front of Machu Picchu; from there, we have the most beautiful views of the site. It is an ancient observatory point. The climb, at which it is possible to get in only by foot, is quite abrupt and along the abyss, but it is still accessible to a person with medium-physical form.  Attention, for the past few years, the entry to the site is limited to 400 people per day, divided into two groups of 200 and only by reservation. The first group can start the ascent between 7 and 8 am; the second between 10 and 11 am. The entrance of Huyana Picchu is also paying, with a supplement on the entrance of Machu Picchu (To be booked together) . For the persons making the path of the Incas, the conditions of access to Huyana Picchu are different.

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