From the top of the environs, stands the incredible site of Sacsayhuaman. Remember this name in spite of the difficulty to pronounce, this is by far, the most impressive in the immediate surroundings of Cusco (and you can access on foot!). It was very important  in the military and  in the religious area; today, there is only 20 % of what it was; an important fortress, a complex of huge walls with 3 levels, built in zigzag, with blocs of enormous stones (several meters high) and with a weight of several dozen (perhaps hundreds!) of tonnes. On the top of this walls, there is what it seems to be a temple dedicated to the Sun God; Inti, and no so far from this point, there is the throne of the Inca and a sacred altar called . The legend says that Cusco has been built by the Inca Pachacutec in the form of a puma; Sacsayhuaman would be the head. It is also here that the celebrations of the Inti Raymi comes to an end, with a representation of the traditional ceremony that is the sacrifice of lamas to read the future in the entrails (do not worry; this is now a stage production).

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