In the heart of the central mountain range, in the middle of the hollows and bumps drawn by the high Andes, the charming Ayacucho, far from the classic tourist circuit, is a small jewel of colonial art. The influx of charming churches throughout the city reflects the fervent religiosity of the inhabitants, which takes its full extent during Holy Week: the festivities that take place there are renowned throughout the country!.... The other side of Ayacucho is the terrorist history of the 1970s to 1990s: it is where the Shining Path took root, and it is also where peasant populations have been most traumatized by their bloody action and repression during these decades. The movement is now completely eradicated, the region is gradually healing its wounds, and tranquility has returned to the lives of the inhabitants, who warmly welcome visitors who had deserted the region for a long time.

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