Wine bodega in IcaWine bodega in Ica

Wine bodega in Ica

In the entire region of Pisco and Nazca, desert plains have been removed into vast vineyards with intensive watering. On the road, between both towns, there are a lot of small and isolated towns or cellars that still produce handmade wine and pisco. You can take a pause in each one to receive an explanation and a tasting of the national alcohol, which is the Peruvian pride and which is a matter of reclamation against Chile. Some important cellars are: the Bodega Ocucaje, which produce the best wines of the country, and is located at 30 km in the south of Ica, the Bodega el Cantador, which still crush grapes with feet, for the pleasure of tourists, the Bodegea Tacama, which is a huge industrial complex that provide the entire Peru and some neighboring countries with red wines and champagnes. 

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