The Huaca Cao ViejoThe Huaca Cao Viejo

The Huaca Cao Viejo

The Huaca Cao Viejo has numerous interesting attractions. First, the beauty of its 27 meters of murals and bas-reliefs: they represent warriors, prisoners, human sacrifices, war scenes… typical representations of the Mochigua warrior’s culture. This was also a major site for human sacrifices, made in the entire region. Furthermore, the site has the tomb of a princess or a very important aristocrat,La Señora de Coa, who was entirely tattooed. The researchers found an important quantity of precious objects, which value is not only the material, but its history: power symbols, jewels, amulets, war weapons… It seems that her role in the society was very important. She was a kind of Peruvian Hatshepsut.

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