Señor de SipanSeñor de Sipan

Señor de Sipan

This is the name given to the mummy that was found in an exceptional conservation state in a royal Mochica tomb near Sipan village. This extraordinary excavation at the Huaca Rayada made hundreds of objects appear and it really was “the discovery of the century” for the region. At the beginning, huaqueros were researching and then, an archaeologist started to work and called the police when he understood the importance of the discovery. The interest of the people involved in the discovery was really big that it created a conflict and one of the tomb raiders who did not want to let the field died… A massive quantity of precious jewels were found, as well as golden statues, weapons, furniture… which testified the status and power of the Lord of Sipan. Moreover, two men, two women and a dog were buried with him, sign of his rank and importance. These people were probably sacrificed when the proprietary died. Tombs, now restored, have some models in order to restitute the idea of how a tomb was when it was still closed. It seems a mound of dirt, but in reality it was a half-buried pyramid

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