What is the history of the search for the lost cities or Paititi in Peru?What is the history of the search for the lost cities or Paititi in Peru?

What is the history of the search for the lost cities or Paititi in Peru?

Peru is truly a paradise for dreamers and explorers. In Europe, everything has been discovered and explored more than a hundred times; on the contrary, Peru is a country that has known innumerable very ancient cultures, each one richer and more powerful than the other, succeeding one another for thousands of years. They have left traces that time has buried, but have not disappeared; one could draw up an endless list of forgotten sites, which continues to fuel the fantasies of locals and foreigners, and of potential Indiana Jones. The natural environment participates in this fantasy: the thick jungle, the rain boots, the machete to clear a path, the constant danger of the wilderness and the "huaqueros" in search of the same treasures... The mystery surrounding the existence of these sites is complete, and excites the most unbridled imaginations. Based on the stories compiled in the Spanish chronicles and legends that circulate through the local oral tradition, many myth hunters have embarked on an adventure : from Hiram Bingham and Maria Reiche, the most known and the oldest, to Thierry Jamin, currently in search of the lost city of the Great Paititi, the foreigners followed one another, came to enrich themselves, to transform a legend into reality, to pass to the posterity, to feel the adrenalin of the danger or to extend the degree of knowledge and understanding of the human being. Among the great discoverers, it is necessary to quote Gene Savoy: he discovered at first Espiritu Pampa, the last residence of the royal family inca (that Bingham sought before "discovering" Machu Picchu); then, while going up towards north, he brought to light Gran Pajatén and Kuélap, these two major sites of the Chachapoyas civilization; and finally he worked to show that the Peruvian people came from overseas. These expeditions lasted during all the XX° century, and others continue today... until the next great discovery? 

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